• Jim Shirlen
    Senior Pastor

    Pastor Shirlen oversees all plans and communications connected with FBCD.  He is the shepherd, and allows the ministry leaders to use their leadership ability and use their creativity to help the church experience a steady growth.  He fulfills the duties of a Pastor including preparing weekly sermons, counseling, communion, baptisms, wedding ceremonies, funerals and other leadership as required.

  • Jeremiah Hilton
    Pastor of Student Ministries, Outreach & Technology

    Jeremiah, along with his wife Karrie and son Brady, provides activities and teaching for our junior church program.  He is developing a plan for a youth program as well. He also leads many of out outreach and technology ministries.

  • Tracy Diaz
    Church Administrator

    Tracy oversees all business transactions of the church, leads in the development of the annual church budget,  and reviews all contracts entered into by the church.

  • Robin Lechlider

    Robin serves as the church treasurer.  She makes the financial payments for the church such as payroll, routine bills, larger bills as directed by the church council.  She provides the Church Council a report of the financial status of the church each month, and to the Church annually.

  • Lynda Shirlen
    Church Secretary

    Lynda serves as the Church Secretary.  She is also responsible for all areas of worship at the church, including music, audio/video, décor and ushers.  She plays the keyboard for the church services.

  • Renee’ McCullough
    Church Clerk

    Renee’ serves as the Church Clerk.  She records and maintains minutes of all business meetings of the church including the Church Council meetings. She creates the bulletin each Sunday.   She and her husband Don are also very active in the mission projects of the church.

  • Donna Schwab
    Organize Activities

    Donna, with her husband Doug and daughter Dawn, produce fun, meaningful activities at our church such as “Movie Nights”, Kite flying contests, Bonfires, Birthday celebrations, Dinners, Scrapbooking, and so much more.  She and her family bring a cohesiveness to the ministry of FBCD.

  • John Raymond

     John is responsible for the facility in its entirety.  John does an excellent job of making lists of projects which he leads in having the projects carried out on our church workday.  John also does much of the maintenance work himself, such as repair work and painting.

  • Dawn Schwab

    Dawn Schwab (pictured with son Aiden) is the amazing lady who keeps indoor facilities sparkling and safe (especially in this heightened health sensitive time). She is also a key member of our media team.

  • John Hilton

    John and his company, Recreated Landscaping, continuously manicures our gorgeous campus with the touch of a true artist. Along with that he also keeps our campus safe during inclement weather. He also heads up our Men's Ministry. 

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