In April, 1958, Upper Seneca Baptist Church began exploring the possibility of starting a church in the Damascus, Md. Area.


The work in Damascus began as a mission of Upper Seneca Baptist Church on August 3, 1958.  It was known as Damascus Baptist Chapel. The first worship service was held on Sunday, August 3.  The group of about 20 people began meeting at Damascus High School under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Charles Adams.


First Baptist Church was constituted with 58 charter members on August 2, 1959.  The church became known as First Baptist Church and continued to meet at Damascus High School for a little over four years.  Sunday morning and evening services were held at the school, while Wednesday night services and choir practices were held in homes of some of the members.


On December 19, 1959, 15 acres of property was purchased for the current church site at 8850 Damascus Road, Damascus, MD.  A ground-breaking service for the new building was held on April 1, 1962.   The new building was dedicated December 10, 1962 and the current church parsonage was built in 1965.


From this point on the church has a history of several pastors, and at one time had a Korean congregation joined them. The leadership through these years is greatly appreciated and in 2024 First Baptist Church was blessed with a new shepherd Rev. Danny Moore.

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